​​​​​​​​St. Michael's Church



10:00 AM | Sunday

6:00 PM Adoration- Wednesday

6:30 PM- Wednesday

9:00 AM- Friday

Radom, IL, United States

Everyone Is Welcome

St. Michael the Archangel Parish was founded when immigrants arrived in Radom, IL on St. Michael's Day in 1873. Early immigrants to Radom included such family names as Mikolaj, Madojowie, Kowalski, Kozielek, Pieszchalski, Kurzynski, Nowak, Grajek, Zgonina, Labuda, Franc, Kwiatkowski, Wita, Pero, Minda, and Glaskowski. The first church was completed in one year with a rectory, convent, school, and even a high school soon following. Franciscan Priests served St. Michael Parish in the early years, with Franciscan and then Notre Dame nuns teaching in the school. One interesting fact of history is that in 1933 during the Depression, there was a threat of a run on Ashley State Bank, St. Michael Church agreed to leave 30% of the parish account in the bank as a loan so the bank could reopen. This is just one instance of St. Michael Parish and parishioners seeking to be a vital part of their community and world. A second church was dedicated on September 29, 1924. The present church is 60 feet wide at the front and 156 feet 6 inches long in the Roman/Byzantine style. There were 32 tons of steel used in the roof's framework, but thanks to that, there are no inner supporting columns. The highest point inside the church measures 33 feet from the floor. The exterior walls raise 23 feet above the foundation, and the bell tower raises 90 feet into the air. At the time of its completion it was the largest church in Southern Illinois with a seating capacity of about 700.