St. Michael's Church

52 South 3rd St., PO Box 128

Radom, Illinois 62876


Fourth Sunday Of Lent  -  March 22, 2020 



St. Michael the Archangel Church    St. Charles Borromeo Church 

52 South 3rd St., PO Box 128        223 South Third St., PO Box 6 

Radom, Illinois  62876          DuBois, Illinois  62831-0006 

Office:  618-485- 2265  Fax:  618-485-2272     Office:  618-787-2781Fax:  618-787-2781 

E-Mail:  stmichaelsradom@frontier.comE-mail:          

Website:  www.stmichaelradom.comWebsite: 


Weekend Mass:  Saturday        5:00p.m. 

Weekend Mass:  Sunday          10:00a.m.Weekend Mass:  Sunday8:00a.m. 

Office Hours: Tues., Thurs., Fri. 9am-3pmOffice Hours:  Wed., 4:00 – 6:00pm 


Administrative Staff 

Father Oliver Nwachukwu, Ph.D. (Administrator) 

Jerry Watters, Marvin Winka (Trustees Radom)Jack Boczek, Ron Lynch (Trustees DuBois) 

Carla Chesnek (PSR-Radom) Justin Jurkowski (Youth Director)Judy Pieszchalski (PSR Director-DuBois) 

Jackie Herzog (Music Director-Radom)              Monica Bochantin (Music Coordinator-DuBois) 

Bernadine Kabat (Hall Rental- Radom)Richard Majewski (Hall Rental-DuBois)   

Marvin Winka/Jerry Watters (Cemetery- Radom)Chris Jahnke (Cemetery- DuBois)   

Bernadine Kabat (Secretary-Radom)Monica Bochantin (Secretary-DuBois)                                                                        


Sacramental Schedule 

Baptism:  Parents make an appointment with Father at least 1 month before the Celebration of the Sacrament. 

Marriage:  Couples contact the parish office no later than 6 months before the anticipated date of the wedding. 

Reconciliation:  7:30 to 7:45am Sunday at DuBois; 9:30 to 9:45am at Radom or by appointment. 

Anointing / Communion to the Sick:  Call parish offices. 


Readings for the Week: Monday – St. Turibius of Mogrovejo, Bishop:  Reading: Is 65:17-21;  Gospel: Jn 4:43-54;  Tuesday – St. Oscar Romero, Bishop & Martyr:  Reading:  Ez 47:1-9, 12;  Gospel: Jn 5:1-16;   Wednesday -   The Annunciation of the Lord;   Reading 1: Is 7:10-14; 8:10: Reding 2: Heb 10:4-10; Gospel: Lk 1:26-38;  Thursday –  Reading:  Ex 32:7-14;  Gospel: Jn 5:31-47;  Friday –  Reading:  Wis 2:1a, 12-22;  Gospel: Jn 7:1-2, 10, 25-30;  Saturday –  Reading: Jer 11:18-20:   Gospel:    Jn 7:40-53:   Sunday;  Fifth Sunday of Lent:   Reading 1: Ez 37:12-14:  Reading 2:  Jn 11:1-45 or 11:3-7, 20-27;  Gospel: Jn 11:1-45 or 11:3-7, 17, 20-27, 33b-45 


The Rest    


Bible Reading Relay at Sacred Heart Church, DuQuoin, is postponed until further notice.   


Have you ever wondered, “What is the Role of a Deacon in the Catholic Church?”  Here is an opportunity to find out.  Come listen to Deacon Mark Kabat share his journey of becoming a deacon on Sunday, April 5 at 2 PM at St. Charles Church, DuBois followed by confessions at 3 PM.  Sponsored by the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Our Lady of Lourdes Court #1790.  Kathy Conner 


American Red Cross Blood Drive  -  Wed., March 25 from 2 – 6 PM at St. Michael School Gym.   This is a crucial time  so please consider donating   if you can.   




Below are some resources for people to use: 


Watch a televised Celebration of the Eucharist together.  



(common link to cable channels is” 

Catholic TV: 


Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire, posts a daily celebration of the Eucharist at 7:15 AM.  It can be viewed at any time. 


Encourage families to be creative in supporting the faith of their children while at home, e.g., teaching them new prayers, reading and talking about Bible stories.  Pray over the readings of the day or the liturgy of the hours. 


Daily Eucharist Scripture Readings and Prayers: 




Liturgy of the Hours: 



Sample Petitions To Pray 


We pray for those who are suffering in the current outbreak of cononavirus that with the help of their doctors and the support of our prayers, they may return to the fullness of health, we pray to the Lord.  Lord, hear our prayer.  

We pray for those who have died in the United States and around the world, due to the coronavirus, that they may share in the eternal life promised by Christ to those who faithfully follow him, we pray to the Lord.  Lord, hear our prayer 

We pray for doctors, nurses, scientists, and public officials that they may strive to serve with compassion, wisdom, and understanding, we pray to the Lord.  Lord, hear our prayer. 

We pray that in the face of this pandemic around the world that our faith will be deepened and not shaken because of this worldwide suffering, we pray to the Lord.  Lord, hear our prayer.   






This Week’s Schedule of Events 


FridayMarch 20 6:00 – 6:30pm    Private Stations of the CrossRadom 



SaturdayMarch 21 No Mass        Church will be open 5-6 PM for Private DevotionsDuBois 



SundayMarch 22         No Mass        Church will be open 8-9 AM for Private DevotionsDuBois   


SundayMarch 22 No Mass         Church will be open 10-11 AM for Private Devotions Radom 



FridayMarch 27 6:00 – 6:30pm    Private Stations of the CrossDuBois 



SaturdayMarch 28 No Mass        Church will be open 5-6 PM for Private DevotionsDuBois 



SundayMarch 29         No Mass        Church will be open 8-9 AM for Private DevotionsDuBois   


SundayMarch 29 No Mass         Church will be open 10-11 AM for Private Devotions Radom 



                             PLEASE NOTE:  NOT MORE THAN 10 PERSONS ARE ALLOWED AT A TIME. 




The Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal Needs You!       A most heartfelt thanks to all those who have responded with a gift to The 2020 Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal; we are truly grateful.  If you have not already done so, there’s still plenty of time…one-time donations or pledges – in any amount – are needed.   Our seminarians, people served by Catholic Urban Programs, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and Daystar Community Program, the youngsters at Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School and 12 other ministries and programs are counting on your support.  Donations can be made through your parish or online at   Please consider making your gift today or at any time in the coming months.  Thank you and may God bless you for your generosity. 



Prayer to St. Joseph -  Protect, O Holy Guardian, this our nation.  Enlighten those responsible for the common good, so that they might know – like you do – how to care for those entrusted to their responsibility.  Grant intelligence of knowledge to those seeking adequate means for the health and physical well-being of their brothers and sisters.  Sustain those who are spending themselves for those in need, even at the cost of their own safety: volunteers, nurses, doctors who are on the front lines in curing the sick.  Bless, O St. Joseph, the Church: beginning with her ministers, make her the sign and instrument of your light and your goodness.  Accompany, O St. Joseph, our families: with your prayerful silence, create harmony between parents and their children, in a special way with the youngest.  Preserve the elderly from loneliness: grant that no one might be left in desperation from abandonment and discouragement.  Comfort those who are the most frail, encourage those who falter, intercede for the poor.  With the Virgin Mother, beg the Lord to liberate the world from every form of pandemic.  Amen 


Holy Virgin of Guadalupe,  Queen of the Angels and Mother of the Americas.  We fly to you today as your beloved children.  We ask you to intercede for us with your Son, as you did at the wedding in Cana.   Pray for us, loving Mother, and gain for our nation and world, and for all our families and loved ones, the protection of your holy angels, that we may be spared the worse of this illness.  For those already afflicted, we ask you to obtain the grace of healing and deliverance.  Hear the cries of those who are vulnerable and fearful, wipe away their tears and help them to trust.  In this time of trail and testing, teach all of us in the Church to love one another and to be patient and kind.  Help us to bring the peace of Jesus to our land and to our hearts.  We come to you with confidence, knowing that you truly are our compassionate mother, health of the sick and cause of our joy.  Shelter us under the mantle of your protection, keep us in the embrace of your arms, help us always to know the love of your Son, Jesus.  Amen.  


St. Charles Borromeo: 

St. Charles Borromeo Contributions – March 15, 2020:  Adult Envelopes: $1381.00;  Loose: $96.00;  Easter Flowers: $20.00. 

St. Charles secretary new office hours starting March 25 will be from 8:30 – 10:30 AM until school resumes. 

Since no one was able to attend the picnic committee meeting last Sunday, it will be rescheduled to April 19. 


St. Michael the Archangel 

Our Appreciation to Ms. Jamie Kwiatkowski and Family  --  As we continue to pray for the eternal repose of the soul of Joshua Kwiatkowski and at the same time ask for God’s comforting grace to his family, I wish to express on behalf of the parishioners of St. Michael the Archangel Church, our appreciation to Jamie Kwiatkowski and her family for the donation of $195.00 to St. Michael the Archangel Church in memory of Joshua Kwiatkowski.  Thank you very much for including the well-being of our parish in your good wishes for Josh.  Be assured of our prayers for you as you go through this hard time, believing in the Lord’s promise of the resurrection when we shall all rise in the Lord to part no more.  Masses will be scheduled in the near future for the happy repose of the soul of Josh as requested by his family and friends.  May he rest in peace.  Fr. Oliver Nwachukwu, Ph.D.  


St. Michael the Archangel Contributions – March 15, 2020:   Adult Envelopes: $1574.00;  Loose: $157.00;  Youth: $11.00;  Maintenance:  $25.00;   Easter  Flowers: $215.00;  CSMA: $1183.00;  Josh Kwiatkowskis’ Memorials for the Church: $195.00 


St. Michael’s Calendar winners for March 22, 2020: Alvina Marlow, Nashville, Il & Nicholas Rooneo, Nashville, IL 


We will be collecting canned goods and other non-perishable items for the Food Pantry during Lent.  Boxes will be at the entrances to the church.  See also at the entrances of our churches the CRS Rice Bowls for your generous donations to our less privileged brothers and sisters.  Thank you for your generosity.  Mary Dreas 


Thank you to those that volunteered to clean the church in the month of March.  Cleaners for the month of April beginning Sunday, April 5 are:  Jean Kujawa, chairperson; Anita Jurkowski, Bernice Winka, Mary Holtz, Joyce Hood, Marilyn Watters 

Please Remember in your Prayers 

Rhonda Aldridge, Albert Baricszewski, Dan Barczewski, JoAnn Barczewski, Linda Behrle, Scott Bevil, Linda Blackstad, Cheryl Blumhorst, Evelyn Bochantin, Mike Bock, Kara Borowiak, Ruth Burde, George Carrigan, Florence Chwasczinski, Paul Chwasczinski, Helena Ciesielski, Jill Cox, Tammy Dial, Pat Dickson, Stephen Ellis, Marie Freeman, Adam Gibson, Laura Gill, Ted Guinzy, Douglas Habbe, Eric Harris, Zorab Hagopian, Blake Heistand, Stacy Helm, Krystal Henry, Larry Huett, Tina Pedtke Jackson, Virginia Jahnke, Leonard Janowski, Daniel Kania, Pauline Kania, Cindy Kasban, Katie Kauer, Russ Kohnen, Sharon Kubiak, Ernie Kujawa, Jane Kujawa, Theresa Kujawa, Dennis Kwiatkowski, Andrew Lamczyk, Kailie Laramie, James Lashley, Emily Lentz and Baby, Jerry Leonard, Marty Lepacek, Clara Liszewski, Geraldine Liszewski, Irene Luchinski, Ellen Werner Lusko, Regina Matecki, Rev. Dale Maxfield, Connie Moore, Danny Morgan, Robbie Morgan, Daniel & Sarah Morgan, Daniel Morski, Sr., Joann Mossa, Rita Nadolski, Callen Newborn, Rhonda Niedbalski, Ben Peters, Tony Prange, Shelia Patton, Randy Pytlinski, Linda Przygoda, Rev. Joseph Rascher, Rustin Robinson, Tracy Sanders, Msgr. Ken Schaefer, Elizabeth Schultz, Kathy Sikora, James Swambar, David Szramkowski, Debbie Szatkowski, Evelyn Szatkowski, Luke Tomaszewski, Nanette Williams, Theresa Williams, Ainsley Wills, Wayne Wilson, Don Wisniewski, David Witges, Becky Wojtowicz, Dave & Rosemary Wojtowicz, Michael Wojtowicz, Bernice Zienta and Amber Zoller, Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus      

We are needing your help with the names that are listed in our prayer list.  If you know of anyone listed who have passed away or have recovered from their illness and can be removed from the prayer list, please contact the parish offices so we can remove their names.  Thank you!