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St. Michael's Church

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time  --  August 4, 2019 



St. Michael the Archangel Church    St. Charles Borromeo Church 

52 South 3rd St., PO Box 128   223 South Third St., PO Box 6 

Radom, Illinois  62876    DuBois, Illinois  62831-0006 

Office:  618-485- 2265  Fax:  618-485-2272

Office:  618-787-2781Fax:  618-787-2781 

E-Mail:  stmichaelsradom@frontier.com  E-mail:  stcharleschurch@wisperhome.com          

Website:  www.stmichaelradom.com  Website: scbc.worthyofpraise.org 


Weekend Mass:   Saturday        5:00p.m.  Weekend Mass:  Sunday           8:00a.m. 

Weekend Mass:  Sunday          10:00a.m. 

Office Hours: Tues., Thurs., Fri. 9am-3pm   Office Hours:  Wed., 8:30 – 10:30am 


Administrative Staff 

Father Oliver Nwachukwu, Ph.D. (Administrator) 

Jerry Watters, Marvin Winka (Trustees Radom)Jack Boczek, Ron Lynch (Trustees DuBois) 

Carla Chesnek (PSR-Radom) Justin Jurkowski (Youth Director)Judy Pieszchalski (PSR Director-DuBois) 

Jackie Herzog (Music Director-Radom)              Monica Bochantin (Music Coordinator-DuBois) 

Bernadine Kabat (Hall Rental- Radom)Richard Majewski (Hall Rental-DuBois)   

Marvin Winka/Jerry Watters (Cemetery- Radom)Chris Jahnke (Cemetery- DuBois)   

                                                  Bernadine Kabat (Secretary-Radom)Monica Bochantin (Secretary-DuBois)                                                                        


Sacramental Schedule 

Baptism:  Parents make an appointment with Father at least 1 month before the Celebration of the Sacrament. 

Marriage:  Couples contact the parish office no later than 6 months before the anticipated date of the wedding. 

Reconciliation:  7:30 to 7:45am Sunday at DuBois; 9:30 to 9:45am at Radom or by appointment. 

Anointing / Communion to the Sick:  Call parish offices. 


Readings for the Week: Monday –  The Dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major:  Reading: Nm 11;4b-15;  Gospel: Mt 14:13-21;  Tuesday –  The Transfiguration of the Lord:  Reading: Dn 7:9-10, 13-14; Gospel: 2 Pt 1:16-19/Lk 9:28b-36;   Wednesday -    St.  Sixtus II, Pope and Compantions, Martyrs; St. Cajetan, Priest:  Reading: Nm 13:1-2, 25-14:1, 26-29a, 34-35;  Gospel: Mt 15:21-28;  Thursday –St. Dominic, Priest:  Reading: Nm 20:1-13;  Gospel: Mt 16:13-23;  Friday – St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, Virgin and Martyr:  Reading: Dt 4:32-40;   Gospel: Mt 16:24-28;  Saturday –St. Lawrence, Deacon:  Reading: 2 Cor 9:6-10; Gospel: Jn 12:24-26;  Sunday;  Reading 1:  Wis 18:6-9:   Reading 2:  Heb 11:1-2, 8-19 or 11:1-2, 8-12;    Gospel: Lk 12:32-48 or 12:35-40;    


St. Charles 


St. Charles Parishioners:  If you have not received or completed the census form we gave out a few weeks ago,  please do so.  There are some blank forms in back of the church.  Please complete them ASAP and return in the collection baskets or office.  Thank you! 

The Parish Office will be closed Aug. 7 due to the secretary being out of town. Send any announcements to Bernie Kabat at St. Michael’s.  You can still call and leave a message if no one is around to answer your call immediately.  Thank you.  


St. Michael 

St. Michael’s Picnic:  Aug. 10 with 4 PM Polka Mass.  Fried Chicken & Roast Pork Dinners served from 3 – 7:30 PM in air-conditioned church basement that is elevator accessible.  Handmade Quilt & Cash Bingo starting at 6:30 PM.  Music provided by Polka Connection – 7:30 – 11:30 PM. Car, Truck, Tractor & Bike Show with registration starting at 3 PM, Judging at 5 PM and Awards presented at 6 PM.  Registration fee is $15 per vehicle.   

Picnic Notes:  Picnic Raffle Tickets are available at the entrances to the church.  Please pick some up to sell to family, friends, and co-workers and of course, yourself.  Your help with the will help to make our picnic a success.  Also if you have not picked up your envelope located at the entrances to church, please do so.  Please turn in any sold and unsold tickets.          *Workers list is inserted in the bulletin.  Please check where you are working.  Help is needed in some stands.  If you can help in another area after your shift, it would be greatly appreciated.                                                                                     *Raffle prizes are to be turned in by August  8.  Please contact the parish office.                   *We are in need of basket items for the picnic.  You can leave items at the entrances to church or contact Connie Kwiatkowski at 618-322-6144.  Please mark your items “Basket Stand.”             *Donations of vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes) would be appreciated.  If you will be donating any vegetables, please contact Cheryl Cameron at 214-1861 by Sat., Aug. 3.  Please have vegetables at the church basement on Thursday evening, Aug. 8 from 6:30 – 8 PM and Friday, Aug. 9 at 9AM.                                                                                                          *Cakes and pies will be needed for the supper.  We ask you to make 3 items.   *Cakes will be needed for the Cake Stand.  Please bring your cakes to the school.  Also, please put the name of the cake on it.  People like to know the kind of cake they have won.   *Help will be needed to set up the church basement on Wednesday, Aug. 7 at 7 PM.            *Chicken cleaning will be Friday, Aug. 9 at the DuBois KC Hall beginning at 5 PM.  Please come when you can (even earlier).  All help is much appreciated.  Sign-up sheets for cleaning chicken are located at the entrances to the church.   * *Help will be needed on Friday, Aug. 9 at 7:30 AM to prepare vegetables, etc.  

St. Michael’s Calendar winners for Aug. 4, 2019:  Dennis Malich, Woodlawn, IL & Ken & Ruth Wilke, Nashville, IL 

Thank you to those that volunteered to clean church in the month of July.  Cleaners for the month of August beginning Sunday, Aug. 4: Jean Kujawa, chairperson; Anita Jurkowski, Bernice Winka, Mary Holtz, Joyce Hood, Marilyn Watters 


The Rest 

The Natural Talent Polka Band will be at the KC Hall, DuBois on August 24th.  Tickets are available at the KC Hall. 

Molly B will be at the KC Hall, DuBois on Friday, Oct. 25.  Tickets go on sale Monday, Aug. 5 at 6 PM at the KC Hall. 

Would you recognize the signs of youth alcohol or drug use in your own home?  Come to the Hidden in Plain View program on Thursday, Aug. 15 at 6:30 PM at the Okawville High School.  This event is for adults only. Remember: Talking with your kids early and often about dangers of drug use is the most effective way to prevent youth substance abuse.  For questions about the program, call Sharon Frederking at 618-599-2519.  

St. Christopher Knights of Columbus, Christopher – Fall Fish Fry – Friday, Aug. 9 from 4 – 7 PM.  All You Can Eat for $10 per person. 





This Week’s Schedule of Events 


SaturdayAug. 3   5:00pm Mass              Anne SzopinskiRadom 


SundayAug. 4   8:00am Mass              Stanley WesolakDuBois 


SundayAug. 4 10:00am Mass              Leonard KujawaRadom 


MondayAug. 5   No Mass     


TuesdayAug. 6              8:00am Mass              Adolph Hatzel, Robert BuchmanDuBois 


Wednesday      Aug. 7   6:00pm                       Adoration of the Blessed SacramentRadom          


Wednesday      Aug. 7   6:30pm Mass             Hattie KujawaRadom 


ThursdayAug. 8   8:00am Mass             Mike Wisneski, Eddie BejmaDuBois 


FridayAug. 9   8:00am Mass              Aline FrazierRadom 


SaturdayAug. 10   4:00pm Mass        Louis & Florence Waier, Rev. Jerome HibnerRadom 

St. Michael Parish Picnic 


SundayAug. 11   8:00am Mass              Trenna GrabowskiDuBois 


SundayAug. 11 10:00am Mass              Edith KulaRadom 




The Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal…       Blessed to receive, chosen to give 

A special thanks to everyone who has so generously supported The 2019 Catholic Service and Ministry Appeal – we are most grateful.      If you haven’t had an opportunity to make a gift as yet, we hope you will prayerfully consider doing so now.  Gifts can be made through your parish or by visiting www.diobelle.org and clicking on “Giving”.  Fifteen ministries and programs and all those they so faithfully serve are counting on YOU.  Please make your contribution today! 



Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – August 4, 2019 

Eccl 1:2, 2:21-33   Psalm: 90   Col 3:1-5, 9-11    Lk 12:13-21 

Today’s reading from Ecclesiastes and today’s Gospel from Luke each feature a wealthy and successful individual. The rich man in Jesus’ parable thinks he is all set for life, but he is about to get a most unpleasant surprise that points to the consequences of the neglect of his spiritual self.   At least the character in the first reading realizes he can’t take it with him, but this doesn’t leave him any happier.  Full happiness depends on our union with God the Creator of all things.   St. Paul’s words of advice to the Colossians point to an alternative:  “Seek what is above.”  As we listen to the readings today, let us think of how we should do this.  



Liturgical Assistants 


St. Charles Borromeo 


Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019 – 8:00a.m. Mass – Lector: Chris Jahnke;  Eucharistic Ministers: Host: Scott Kreger; Cup: Rich Majewski Judy Pieszchalski;  Choir: Host: Pat Waldman;  Cup: Rick Reidelberger;  Servers:    Kaden & Kassidy Linkey, Sarah Restoff;  Offertory: Family of Trenna Grabowski;   Rosary Leader:  Bob Konkel;    August Ushers:  Ken Klaybor, Bob Konkel, Chip Kujawa 

St. Charles Borromeo Contributions – July 28, 2019:  Adult Envelopes: $1579.00;   Loose: $446.00;   Cemetery: $673.00   While we wait to write off the expenses for the picnic and thank all who participated in any form for the success of the picnic, our gross income is $18,612.55. 


St. Michael the Archangel: 

Saturday,  Aug. 10,  2019 – 4:00p.m. Mass – Lector: Justin Jurkowski;   Eucharistic Ministers:  Host: Valerie Zgonina;  Cup: Mike Jurkowski, Bernadine Kabat;  Servers:  Tommy Herzog, Jackson Maurer, Andy Brown ;  August Ushers for Saturday:   Marion Setzekorn, Mike Tomaszewski, Jerry Watters, Don Wisniewski, Jason Wisniewski, Louis Bauza;    Offertory:    Family of Louis & Florence Waier;   Organist:   Polka Mass;   Rosary:  No Rosary 



Sunday, Aug. 11,  2019 – 10:00a.m. Mass – Lector: Matt Chesnek;   Eucharistic Ministers:  Host: Stacy Helm;  Cup: Fred Epplin, Rita Gajewski;  Servers:  Jada & Makayla Winka, Alexys Spratt ; August Ushers for Sunday:   Jacob Kwiatkowski, Stephen Kula, Kane Lamczyk, Mike Lamczyk, Kyle Lamczyk, Robert Lamczyk;    Offertory:    Family of Edith Kula;   Organist:   Tierney Moore;   Rosary:  Severine Czerniejewski 


St. Michael the Archangel Contributions – July 28, 2019:   Adult Envelopes: $1512.00;  Loose: $92.00;  Youth: $1.00;   Maintenance: $120.00;  Picnic Food Donation:  $827.00 

Please Remember in your Prayers 

Rhonda Aldridge, Dan Barczewski, JoAnn Barczewski, Linda Behrle, Scott Bevil, Linda Blackstad, Cheryl Blumhorst, Evelyn Bochantin, Kara Borowiak, George Carrigan, Florence Chwasczinski, Paul Chwasczinski, Helena Ciesielski, Jill Cox, Tammy Dial, Stephen Ellis, Marie Freeman, Adam Gibson, Ted Guinzy, Douglas Habbe, Eric Harris, Zorab Hagopian, Krystal Henry, Larry Huett, Tina Pedtke Jackson, Virginia Jahnke, Leonard Janowski, Daniel Kania, Pauline Kania, Cindy Kasban, Katie Kauer, Russ Kohnen, Sharon Kubiak, Jane Kujawa, Theresa Kujawa, Dennis Kwiatkowski, Andrew Lamczyk, Kailie Laramie, James Lashley, Emily Lentz and Baby, Jerry Leonard, Marty Lepacek, Clara Liszewski, Geraldine Liszewski, Irene Luchinski, Joe Lukasik, Ellen Werner Lusko, Regina Matecki, Rev. Dale Maxfield, Nora McMeans, Connie Moore, Danny Morgan, Daniel Morski, Sr., Joann Mossa, George Nadolski, Rita Nadolski, Callen Newborn, Greg Niedbalski, Rhonda Niedbalski, Ben Peters, Tony Prange, Shelia Patton, Randy Pytlinski, Linda Przygoda, Rev. Joseph Rascher, Rustin Robinson, Tracy Sanders, Msgr. Ken Schaefer, Elizabeth Schultz, Kathy Sikora,  James Swambar, David Szramkowski, Debbie Szatkowski, Evelyn Szatkowski, Luke Tomaszewski, Nanette Williams, Theresa Williams, Ainsley Wills, Wayne Wilson, Kay Winka, Don Wisniewski, David Witges, Becky Wojtowicz, Dave & Rosemary Wojtowicz, Michael Wojtowicz, Pat Zelasko, Bernice Zienta and Amber Zoller, Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus   

The Catholic Daughters of America Court #1790 will be having their annual birthday dinner on Monday, Aug. 19 at the White House in DuBois.  The cost is $10 per person. Each member may bring one guest.  The meal will be served at 6 PM.  We will  be playing dime bingo, so remember your dimes! Registration is due by Aug. 15. You may get your money to Judy or Barb. You may drop it in the collection basket.  Make sure you write CDA on the envelope and include your name. For those wishing to put it in the mail, my address is Judy Pieszchalski, 1713 Quarry Road, DuBois, IL 62831. See you on the 19th of August!!  Judy